Types of Edible Mushrooms That You Should Know

Types of Edible Mushrooms

Types of Edible Mushrooms

Here, we will talk about the types of edible mushrooms. Mushrooms are the kind of super food that good for your body health. We can find many types of mushrooms that live wildly in the wild. Of course, you should know that not all mushrooms you found can be eaten. You must know the types of it that can be processed into a meal, snack of food or mushroom food. Here are a few types of edible mushrooms:

1. Champignon or Button mushroom.


Champignon mushrooms

The first types of edible mushrooms are Champignon. The Champignon is the favorite mushrooms. It has round shape like button. The color is white or sometimes you can also get the cream one. People usually use this type of mushroom to make European food like Pizza. The Champignon is the most cultivated mushrooms in this world. When you shop in the modern market then you may find it in the can package. Champignon is the edible wild mushroom but safe to eat.

There are some edible mushrooms that are similar with champignon and has a variety of names. The only difference is the ripeness and color. When mature, commonly referred to as portobello mushrooms, often shortened to just portobello.

But if immature and white, this mushroom can be known as the common mushroom, champignon mushrooms, button mushrooms, white mushrooms, cultivated mushrooms and mushroom table. If immature and brown, this mushroom is commonly referred to as mushrooms cremini or crimini mushroom, Swiss brown, Roman brown mushroom, Italian mushroom, Italian brown, brown mushroom or mushroom brown hat.

2. Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms

Oyster Mushrooms

The Oyster mushrooms have the shape like oyster shells. It has white color but sometimes it can change to gray, black or brown. The Oyster habitat is in the high mountain. The fresh and cold air will make it grow lush. Oyster mushroom is a type of edible mushrooms that grow wildly. This mushroom is usually live in decaying tree trunks. For the cultivation, people usually use the sawdust as the medium. These Oyster mushrooms contain many nutrients like protein, iron, carbohydrate and other vitamins. You can make delicious crispy oyster as your healthy snack.

3. Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushrooms

This is the famous types of edible mushrooms. China and Japan are the countries that most consume this mushroom. Those countries also become the most widely cultivated the Shiitake. The Shiitake has the black color. On the top of this mushroom have some crack. People often use it as the additional for many cuisines. They will add Shiitake for their noodle, soup or pasta. Shiitake has the chewy texture. That is the reason why you have to cut it into small size before cooking. Shiitake also has the higher price than other mushrooms.

4. Enokitake or Enoki Mushroom

enokitake mushroom

Enokitake Mushroom

This is the unique mushroom. The Enokitake live in the fresh place. The shape is long like the bean sprouts. This mushroom habitat is in the stem broadleaf. For the human, this Enokitake can be a delicious food. For agriculture world, this mushroom is the pest. Enokitake can live widely or live by cultivation system. People in Japan, China, Korea and Vietnam are usually using this mushroom as the cook ingredients. This is the types of edible mushrooms that usually found in ramen or suki.

5. Ling Zhi Mushroom

ling zhi image

Ling Zhi Mushroom

Ling Zhi mushroom has a special shape. It has semi-circle shape. The color is unique between the yellow and dark brown. A long time ago, Ling Zhi becomes so prestige. The one can consume it is the nobleman. Today, Ling Zhi has been cultivated using the weathered wood. People in China are usually using this mushroom as the traditional medicine. It can help body organ to work well. The taste is bitter, spicy and a little bit warm. This is the types of edible mushrooms that can grow faster in China land.

6. Matsutake Mushroom

matsutake mushroom

Matsutake Mushroom

This is the rarest and expensive mushroom in Japan. The Matsutake is the one of the type of edible mushrooms that cannot be cultivated. It only lives widely on the pine forest soils. It also grows in the black pine forest in Japan. The way to cook this mushroom is by roasting it. Japanese people also cook it together with Japan rice. Matsutake rice bowl is the favorite menu in Japan.

7. Straw Mushroom

straw mushroom

Straw Mushroom

The next types of mushrooms are Straw. Straw mushroom habitat is mostly in Southeast Asia. The shape is unique. It has round shape like an egg. The color is dark brown mix with gray. People usually call it with straw mushroom because it grows in the hay. The best straw mushroom that can be eaten is the young one. In some country, people usually make it as a mushroom chips.

The 7 types of edible mushrooms above are the safe mushrooms. They scattered in every part of this world. They are usually available in the traditional market or modern one. Most of them are available in good price.

Types of Edible Mushrooms: Wild and Cultivated Mushrooms

The edible cultivated mushrooms are usually already through some process. Of course, most of them live widely in a nature land. Some chemical check is needed to make sure that the mushroom is safe to eat. The cultivated process has the purpose of making people easier while want to eat it.

You better know that consume a good mushrooms are good for your body. Mushrooms are low in carbohydrate. It consists of a high protein that has an original taste. You can make it into a cake, soup, pizza, ramen, noodle, chips or a delicious snack. Actually, you can still find many types of edible mushrooms with a different name.

Although most of the types of edible mushrooms look like similar and familiar but you still need to check. Do not eat the mushrooms that you do not know whether it is safe or not. Widely mushrooms can be found everywhere. When you choose the wrong mushrooms then you may get some toxic.

Maybe, some types of edible mushrooms cannot find in some country. It is usually because of the habitat and the land condition. Some mushrooms can only live in the dry land but the other only live in the fresh air. You can add some natural ingredients while cooking. It will give a better taste to your meal.

You may read some article or journal that tells about the safe types of edible mushrooms. It will help you to know well about anything that will become your food. The good mushrooms use no chemical process. You can process it as a food immediately after you get it. The fresher is the better. Do not eat the mushrooms when the color has changed. Make sure you clean and wash it first before you cook it.

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