Japanese Mushroom Types with Pictures

Japanese mushroom types are many and have unique taste and smell. For Japanese people, mushrooms are very important for daily meals. Many of them even eat it every day. Below, I would like to introduce some famous mushrooms from Japan that have entered the world market.

The Types of Japanese Mushroom

1. Enoki or Enokitake Mushrooms

enoki mushrooms

Enoki is one of the most famous Japanese mushroom. This long and thin mushroom does not have strong taste and smell. Because of that reason, this mushroom is acceptable to people who do not like a mushroom.

Some researchers said that this mushroom helps increase the immune system of human body. Some studies said that eating Enoki regularly will help the body the prevent cancers.

In its origin, chefs are using this mushroom for various recipes, one of the most popular is for “Nametake”. In this menu, the Japanese mushroom is cooked with soy sauce. During winter, Japanese people commonly put Enoki into Nabe or hot pot.

2. Shimeji Mushrooms

Shimeji mushrooms

This Japanese mushroom has a stronger taste than Enoki and it also has brown pileus on its top. Shimeji is the source of fiber, which is why people usually use it to reduce some pounds of bodyweight.

This mushroom can be easily combined with any kinds of menus, including gratin, soup, and pasta. However, many people said that the best menu for this mushroom is foil yaki, which is roasting the mushroom in a foil wrapper with green peppers, onions, carrots and some meat plus sausage. Western people usually put shuddered cheese on it.

3. Shiitake Mushrooms

shiitake mushrooms

We can say that Shiitake is the most important Japanese mushroom. Many traditional foods in the country use this mushroom. But, many Japanese kids do not like it because it has a unique taste.

It is easy to create delicious food with this mushroom. You can put grounded meat in the mushroom and then grill it. It is better to put some starch or flour on the mushroom before grilling to make sure that the meat will not be separated from the shiitake.

4. Maitake Mushrooms

maitake mushrooms

Like Shimeji, various foods in Japan contain this Japanese mushroom. Some professional chefs said that this Japanese mushroom is only suitable for Japanese dishes because of its taste. Maybe, it is a good idea to cook Maitake with cheese or ketchup but the taste is not too good.

Great taste appears to appear when we cook Maitake with soy sauce and tofu. It is easy to cook this mushroom, we just have to slice it, fry some tofu and put them together in a bowl with sugar, fish broth, soy sauce and some sake. Cook the mixed ingredients above a small fire.

5. Matsutake Mushrooms

matsutake mushrooms

This Japanese mushroom is known for its good smell. However, Matsutake is quite expensive. Some people in Japan said that this mushroom is something exclusive, so they eat only on special occasions.

According to researches, there are lots of nutrients inside matsutake mushroom, such as fiber, potassium, and iron. People often smell it because giving some nice effects to the brain and body.

There are two Japanese where we can find the expensive Japanese mushroom, which is Matsutake Rice and Matsutake soup. Japanese people call the soup as Osuimono. The soup is combining the mushroom with broth and soy sauce for the seasoning. The subtle taste of the dish is suitable for the mushroom because people usually smell it before eat.

Though the price of this mushroom in its origin is high but different thing happened in North America where most people do not like a mushroom in their dishes.

Another fact we have to understand is, there are two different types of Matsutake, which are western and eastern. People who live in the western part of Japan said that the western is the best while they who live in the east said the opposite.

The types of Japanese mushroom are many. Each type brings unique taste and smell. Researchers from all over the world said that mushrooms contain so many nutrients. That is why eating mushrooms will help us healthier.

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