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About MushroomSite.com

Mushroomsite.com is a site that focuses on presenting the contents such as articles, information, video and practical tips on matters relating to the mushrooms or fungus. We want to share and provide useful contents and inspiring for farmers, entrepreneurs, mushroom hobbyists and the public at large.

The material in this site is the result of research and documentation from the experience of practitioners and mushrooms lovers. We constantly updating the articles based on the recent developments.

Explore more the mushrooms are the tagline of our site. For that, we divide the articles into several categories to make it easier for visitors to find what they needed. The categories in this website such as Mushroom Knowledge, Mushroom Types, Growing Mushroom, Cooking Mushroom & Recipes.

The Team of Mushroomsite.com

Admin and Author:

Jams Al Urwah

Phone: +62 82332222919

Email: [email protected]


Nursyam M, S.Hi

Email: [email protected]

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